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Hi -

I had a titer test on Saturday for Lyme disease. Today (Monday) the doctor's office called back with, I guess, the results. I wasn't home and now the office is closed. Would quick results like this (and such a quick phone call) indicate either positive or negative?

As background, well, we have two golden retrievers and live on a few wooded acres in Virginia. We often see tics and one of my goldens tested positive for Lyme many months ago. Exactly three months ago I was bit by a tic - it must have been in my stomach overnight. Then it swelled unbelievably and has remained irritated, swollen and itchy. Anyhow, this last week I've developed fever, sore throat and painful joints. I had an appointment with my migraine doctor last Friday who thought she saw a bulletseye and sent me to my primary care on Saturday.

At this point I feel terrible and am actually hoping for a positive result so I can get it taken care of - and know why I feel so terrible! Just wondering why they called so quickly - if that would give any indication as to the result.


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