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I believe my first infection was from a black fly. Mosquitos, black flies, fleas, and ticks can carry the bacteria. Cases are showing up like mine that were not tick related. But lyme do not have boundaries. They can get to you by rabbits, coyetes, dogs, cats, birds. (just to name a few.)

The lyme rash does not have to be bullseye to be lyme. Take photos, place a coin near the rash and I also placed a paper with the date on it. Document how it looks. If a doctor knowledgable in lyme sees the rash he can determine if it is the lyme rash.

I recently was reinfected with lyme. I had a sold red rash that was slightly raised and itchy. It was 4" X 2". You could faintly see a bullseye. My LLMD told me that the rash has to be a certain size and be on you for usually a couple weeks. Mine was 4 wks and even now after about 8 has a very faint red color where it was. The rash alone is enough for a knowledgable doctor to diagnose lyme without the blood test. The form that they filled out on me for the CDC did not even have a place to show if a test had been done and the results.

Hope this helps. It is scary to think your daughter but now the possibility of your husband???? Please let us know how both are doing.


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