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Hi All :wave:

I know I don't visit much anymore but please believe me when I say that I do think of all of you quite often. My life now, without a Husband living with me, is soooo crazy and chaotic. :blob_fire

Anyway, I have been hearing some very disturbing news in the past month. It started off with my neighbor coming over to tell me that his youngest boy, age 11, was in the hospital and had been for 5 days. Well...he came home with a pic line and lyme disease. Lets hope it was caught in time. Then I was told by one of the other Moms in town that 4 other boys that play Spring baseball with my son have all been diagnosed with it. She also said that her brother-in-law and nephew also now have lyme.

So, I called the Town Nurse to ask for the actual number of recorded lyme cases and let me tell you.....she came down with one heck of an attitude. After assuring her I wasn't writing an article or anything, she finally told me that there were at least 8 reported cases just these past 2 months. I told her that I found that disturbing and why hasn't the public been told. An article in the monthly town paper wouldn't hurt would it? She actually had the nerve to say that that wasn't necessary, and that the general public is knowledgable about Lyme. I got so mad I hung up on her.

Most of the general public only knows to "watch for a bullseye rash"!!!! Half of them won't even get one, just like me. Then it will be too late.

For you lymies who live in California I am feeling the heat with you this past week. New England is usually very bearable in the Summer but I have decided I like Winter again.

Thanks for letting me vent about ignorant Town Nurses with attitude!


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