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[QUOTE=jojo][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B][I]Hi Ekim and many years have you both been doing this type of treatment? I am glad that the doctor I went to didn't do this sort of thing...seems like you would be constantly herxing...and then giving the bacteria time to grow....I just don't understand this method...and are you both just doing one antibiotic at a time or do you throw flagyl in there also...and other antibiotcis to handle the different stages of lyme....I have asked WHY so many times about this way of treatment...I just don't understand the reasoning behind sweeties two neices were basically treated the same way I was ...on a coctail of anitbiotics and full steam ahead...we all had chronic lyme...

I am confused.....:confused: could someone explain...

Thank You....
:D [/I][/B][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

I am on three antiboitics, Levaquin, ketek, and Flagyl during my pulse.

I love this treatment. While on for a few striaght years I never felt good. During the pulse I get a break where life seems it can come back.
I will never beat Lyme so its up to me, to find the mix and doses that make me feel the best.

Lyme is slow growing I guess and for me the pulse is great! I don't have bad herxes doing this. And my body gets a really needed break from the pills.

I believe I am having liver or kidney problems, and during my antibiotics, my lower back is in very bad pain. When I go off the antibiotics the pain in my back fades after about two weeks off.

For me pulse is the right treatment, I have been doing it for a year. Started off only having five days off, and 21 days on.

Now I am on for 7 days, and during this, everyother day I have off, and then add flagyl to my last three days. My last pulse after 7 weeks off, I had no or little herx. Only a week later I go through withdraw from the meds.

Hope this helps.

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