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I have had the sore spots a few times since I started the meds. Started maybe 3 months ago. It can get so sore that I can not stand to touch it. When I washed my hair few days ago, I had to skip that area. It has been in the same spot each time. I do think this is lyme related. Even though I have had lyme 19+ years, I only started this a few months back. It is not cat bite related. I have some really strange head problems. Fills like expanding foam. Pressure, the top of my head hurts now and that is related to the sore spot I am sure. Sometimes I cannot lay on one side of my head because it hurts to much. These have gotten a little better except the sore spot. Memory is a big problem. Some days I post short and choppy, because that is the way I think. Some days I feel like the little critters are trying to crawl out my ears.

I don't have alot of problems with depression. Sometimes I get moody, a little snappy. Or just want to cry all day. Usually do cry a little when it gets bad. But overall I can usually handle the mental side of it.

I am on a drug holiday and I think the lyme is starting to say "lets party". The meds keep it under control. But usually before the end of the 2 wk of holiday, I see a return of my symptoms. Slowly they are getting less intense. (I think)

I am glad you decided to fight this and not give up. It is so easy. We all get tired of this battle. Sometimes, many times, I have said Lord please carry me today; I cannot do it. I know He has. Footprints in the Sand is my favorite poem.

You mentioned the blood vessels in your head feel like they are going to close up. You might be right in that assessment. Several years ago, a neuro told me that my blood was thick and not flowing good in my brain. He said I was on the verge of a stroke. Lyme does cause thick blood. I actually had a couple of blood clots one in my picc line and one right above my heart earlier this year. I had to go on blood thinners for several months.

If the bacteria is in our scalp or between it and the brain, it should be easier to get out. If you can figure out how, please let me know.

I have got to get to bed. Its past 1:00. Took my ambien 2 hrs ago. Maybe it will help me get to sleep. Got to try. Take care.


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