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I am new here but was looking for advice or help, maybe even an answer?
I apologise for long story!

I am 28, Male, Australian and living in China. I travel extensively for my work, mostly South Pacific, Asia, Finland and only once to the US, to LA for 2 days. I have had no prev major health issues.

4 months ago, the night after I returned from Bahrain in the Gulf I woke up with a strange feeling in my left leg and increased heart rate. I thought I was having a DVT - obviously I didnt. This continued for a couple of weeks. I then developed stomach cramps and after a couple of simple blood tets I was dx with Helicobacter Pylori and was put on a triple therapy to rid the bacteria (1000mg Amoxylin - 500mg Clarythimicin and 20g anti acid) for 7 days.

The first day after the treatment started the twitching started in my left calf (I could now see what the strange feeling was) and it spread within 2 days to my arms. I then went to Australia for R & R and some more tests. Full Bloodwork was fine. Then on the 6th and 7th days of the treatment and for a couple of weeks following the treatment I had whole body muscle twitches, whole body jerks, profuse night sweats, tingling throughout my whole body and I was sure my time was up!

Brain MRI was clear, Nuero in Australia said it was anxiety and told me to take a 2 week holiday - so I did.

Night Sweats, muscle twitches, tingling continued. On return I convinced my Nuero to give me a EMG and Nerve conduction studies - these were normal. Nuero started me on anti depressents. Although he thought maybe Adrenal Gland/Hormone problem and tested because my blood pressure was high - Tests = normal.

Was then tested for Malaria - 2 hours after blood test and I felt so weak I had to lie down, then noticed some strange lumps just above my wrist (3 or 4 which were about the size of grain of coffee) and were sore to touch but when I pushed on them they dissapeared, 2 hours later and they reappered higher up my arm closer to my elbow, same story sore to touch and when pushed on dissapeared, the next day my elbow was very saw.

Then one day about 2 months ago and the symptoms all stoped, I celebrated with a couple of beers, it was over. It must have been anxiety!

The next day, muscle twitches came back everywhere and from that time until now the symptoms have again progressed, and included even twitches in my entire face (cheeks, lips, temple). I developed a strange rash on my stomach (not the bullseye type), had an episode of sore eyes and developed "floaters" in both eyes, everyday have strange cracking/creaking noises in my neck and throat, had one time immense testicular pain, had one time shock like sensation in my jaw, occassional back pain, tinnitus, have occassional feeling my ears are blocked, strange new headaches which usualy radiate from neck upwards, parathesias in nose, eyelids, cheeks which cause irritation of eyelids, feeling my body is shaking, occassional episodes of heart palpitations, feeling my whole digestive system is not working correctly, newest symptom is that my joints crack and there is pain and not to mention my emotions are a like rollercoaster.

Seen so many doctors in Australia and now in China (None of who I would imagine have any idea about Lyme) and none can find the problem.

Last week had a MRI of cervial spine - also Normal.

I am now back in China, one doc said MS, Nuero said no chance. From my extensive research Lyme is the closest diagnosis I can make and perhaps my reaction to the triple therapy of antibiotics that I took at the start for the Helicobacter was a Herx?

Unfortunately difficult to test here for Lyme but Convinced my doctor to start me on doxycycline anyway, he prescribed 200mg per day. A Problem also is that I cant imagine where I would have been bitten!

What do you guys think?
I trust here more than some of the docs I have seen!

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