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hi eemermt, unfortunetely, my friend is very very sick, but not because of parvo virus,he has lymphoma stage 4, he is at mayo clini,i might be able to answers some of your questions, he had that last year, started with hug fevers, he was put on uc for a month and a half, i dont know how bad is your case, i assume since you are able to write emails,yours is not a strong as him, i remember he was very very sick, 3 mohts at the hospital, he has almost not red cells in blood... then he became all swollen, he couldt walk, of use his hands...and i remember him telling me his family had to fly to germany to buy the vaccinne, that only 2 laboratories in germany had it...then he became better, and go sick again, and was diagnose ehre in peru with vasculits, he had all kinsdof tests, biopsies, bone marrow, like 3 and everything was normal except for the red cells... so he was having high doses of corticoides, the he got very sick again... back to ic, then 3 months ago to mayo clinic, the did all test to him, couldnt find anything wrong, the day he was flying back to peru, he got really sick again, doctors removed the corticoids, did a bone marrow and a lymph node biopsy and was lymphoma stage 4, so his case is different, i believe he got the parvovirus because his inmune sistem was very weak because he had lymphoma and nobody knew, and doctors at mayo said all biopsies were negative because the corticoides were hidding the the cancer...i how bad are you?? i hope this story helps you to clear what you you have high temeratures? do you sweat at night??parvovirus symtoms are very simmmilar to lyme, my friend even tested positive for one of the 3 tests he had for lyme.. but he doesnt have it...let me know

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