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So good to hear from you. I had hoped when we heard from you again that you would be seeing some improvement. But I understand the battle of this horrid disease.

I am also in a insurance battle. Have been since the first of the year. They informed me in April that they would not cover the IV's I had been having. So I will have to file an appeal. I just got a letter couple weeks ago where the Dr had tried to get coverage and they denied paying after 8 wks. They then paid for Jan but they wouldn't pay for more. Didn't matter that I tested positive for Babesia and mycoplasma. They actually said my test for babesia wasn't a CDC positive. I will take that up at my next LLMD visit.

Larry actually started trazadone last week for sleep. I thought of you. It didn't work for me, but then my Dr didn't have me on more than 100 mg. I'm glad you are getting some help with your sleep. But I understand, we could both use better quality sleep. From the way I feel right now, I would guess tonight may be one of my jerking nights. Poor Larry. I have had a horrible lyme headache today.

I did ask Denise about Maureen and Jon. She said that Jon (deer hunter) is in Kansas now seeing Dr J. They have hope that he will be able to help.

I hope the IV's will get the lyme back under control. Let me know how it goes. Pulsing or not... I can so understand what you are saying and not saying. Keep in touch.


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