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hi gang...

wow i've been absent from the group for a few months now. i think i really needed a break mentally, i really withdrew from everyone in my life as well. i know you all know what that's like. all of us long termers tend to go that way every once in awhile. but i hope i'm back for a bit, maybe on a lesser scale then i used to be when i first joined you all back in june 05. :)

anyway i've been reading some threads and see so many new faces, which makes me so sad. i wish you all weren't in our shoes and sick. but if wishes were money we'd all be rich right?. well i digress...i haven't seen much of some of the lymies i knew and posted with often. maybe i missed the posts or maybe they are struggling too. so i just wanted to say hi to ya'll, i miss ya, wish you well and hope i hear something about maureen and jules and some of the rest. i see marsha and mickie are still about, but i hope the rest of you are just lurking and focusing on healing yourselves. i know i needed the past few months of time to recharge.

so here's my news and current place in the lyme fight....(i apologize if most of you don't know me or my story but if you do a search for my name i'm sure my posts and story will come up, it's just too long to rehash) i'm still ill, getting worse again actually everyday. have been for the past month. i went to an emergency appt with dr c last month where he told me my 2 month long antibiotic drug holiday was over and they needed to put me back on iv's again. they thought to give my body a break to strengthen and fight what was left of the lyme on it's on. but it backfired and i backslid fast. now i am back to bedridden most days, and the same ole same ole. and to make matters worse over the past 4 weeks we have been battling with my insurance to get them to cover the iv's again. they didn't want to after having pulled my 3rd course of iv's back last fall. but after alot of battling it seems we have an agreement and i will have my PICC line put in on wednesday. i am happy but hesitant at the same time. i remember my last experiences with 3 months of iv's and how much i herxed and how weak i became, but i am praying that maybe my keet load is less and i will handle them better and maybe not have to pulse them so much.

wow this is becoming quite the post isn't it? well, like i said i've been gone. :)

on other fronts with the lyme, i;m still on the heparin at 11,000units twice a day for my hypercaogulation, and now on all kinds of hormone replacement programs since my levels are near to zero in all of them from the lyme (basically what women in menopause take, and i'm no where near there at 29). and taking thyroid meds to boost it up since i'm now have hypothyroidism from the lyme as well. and on top of that all i'm finally doing the Vit B12 shots some of you were talking about to help with the fatigue....the vote is still out on that whether it's helping, since things have been so bad over the time i've been on it. but hopefully i'll see a good difference. also i am now in physical therapy once a week for an hour. it's hard work, painful and it's not even more then really gentle stretchs and myofacial massage, but it's enough to put my body through the ringer. and i do the pt stuff at home 2 times a day when i can handle it, leaving me sore and exhausted. but i think in the long run it's going to help me get stronger and beat this sooner then if i din't work on all thes. also if any of you are looking for help with the chronic pain, i have something good to tell you all about. my phys therapsit gave me something called a TENS unit. its a portable zapper, with 2 small electrodes that you place on your body where you have the pain and zap it away. it doesn't make my pain go completely away, but it helps a lot and gets me through the though days when i want to give up. also per dr c i've been going to short massage therapy sessions. 20 minutes or less focused on one area of the body only. although i fee super sick and fatigued beyond belief afterwords, during it i feel so good. it hurts, but it's the good kind of hurt, like progess or healing is happening, if that makes any sense?? it's such getnle pressure that my massuse thinks she's barley touching me, but it's all i can stand. dr c thinks this will help with the pain long term and plus it gets some of the toxins moving so in small doses the body can proccess them out. ok enough of that i guess.

i really just wanted to drop in, catch you up and say i'm back. and hi to all the newbies i've never met yet. you are in a great place and i hope you guys stay for as long as you can, even when you get better. we all love to hear stories of people that have recovered and are back to living their lives. so stick around, the more the merrier.

sorry this was so long, hopefully i'll keep in better touch these days. prayers to all of you. and i hope i hear from all my friends on hear, i really have missed you all.


ps...marsha from what i've seen it looks like you had a rough run of things, sorry to hear about ti and i hope you are fairing better now. :angel:

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