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hi leslie. first let me say i'm glad to hear that your doc is really on top of things, that is such a nice feeling to have i'm sure. i'm very surprised to hear that he was the first to diagnose lyme eye, i'm impressed. wish the first docs i'd seen were that with it.

anyway i just wanted to say that yeah, i have all of the eye stuff. that's how most of my lyme stuff started. i lost vision in both eyes one morning about 2 years ago, prior to that i'd had pink eye month after month for 5 months (never had had it in my life till then!)...and docs said it was a bought of optic neuritis which led them to think ms. but it was lymes. and now i have tons of clear and also black/dark floaters, specks. they are always dry and crusty like and very itchy. plus looking out of my eyes is like looking through a staticy tv screen and it jiggles all around on me. very unreliable and filled with double images sometimes and flashes of light. not to mention the photophobia. yet for any of my docs that i have seen for my eyes, they cannot "see" anything physically wrong. at this point my llmd believes that much of this is from the severely high levels of toxins in my body and also from the current lyme as well, plus due to the lesion in my brain from the lyme.

so yeah you're not alone. i hope if you have lyme too that after treatment you will see dramatic improvements in your health and with your lupus. keep us posted on your test results. :)


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