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Hi Marconis and others on the board,

My name is Mike and I live in Northern WI. a heavily endemic area. My son was very ill with lyme and babesia a couple of years ago and is doing great now. I devote a great deal of time and energy to working with the various lyme groups and doctor's nationwide. Okay, that's my intro now here's my help.

There is no definitive time frame that a tick has to be attached to transfer Bb to a host. That's complete nonsense that they have to be attached 24 or 36 or 48 hours. Pure rubbish. I know many that never recall being bitten at all and they have lyme. If you have the rash, you have lyme. Period. Even if you don't have the rash, you could have it. If a mosquito can bite an infected deer or mouse or raccoon, etc. and transmit West Nile, Encephalitis, etc., why not lyme ? Research has born out that Bb can be transmitted via other avenue's.

Now, originally, this thread pertained to bartonella. A particular nasty co-infection. Bartonella symptoms can certainly encompass all the normal lyme symptoms with a few addendums. Stretch mark-like rashes, painful soles, irrational behavior, mood swings, rages, emotionally unstable, etc.

Initial treatment can increase these symptoms through herx reactions. It's my belief through mucho research that bart bacterial loads can be lowered with a host of meds, however, the best meds to completely eradicate it are levaquin, rifampin with zithromax, and cipro. Levaquin can have some nasty side effects, especially tendon pain, so be careful. Always watch the herx's.

Treatment of bart depends on the length of your diseaese. Sometimes 6-8 weeks, if your in a chronic state of Bb infection it can be much longer.
I'm thrilled to find this board as one of your posters directed me here.
-Mike aka NP40

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