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Hi Ticker, This Is Kyle-you and I actually spoke on the phone some time ago. I actually am writing this to you because you and I talked about what I should being doing about this possible Lymes Disease. I have a question about how accurate the tests from Igenex are. I finally got my Dr. to send my blood to the Igenex lab in California and they came back negative for Lymes.:mad: I was so hoping for a possitve test for lymes because I'v been in limbo for so long with symptoms of lymes and MS. I have been through hell for 3 years with doctors telling me that it's anxiety and depression I could just puke. I'v recently quit my job as a community service officer for the local Police department and have also stopped going to college to be a Police officer because my vision and my memory loss is so bad bad, I can hardly function anymore. I have so much neck and back pain along with arthrits like symptoms in my fingers, toes, knees. Well enough complaing about me because the list would take all night. I guess I was wondering if anybody else has had negative test results but still got there doctor to treat lymes with enough medicine to get them better again. My Doctor is a doctor that only treats with positive blood results. So I'm hoping to get to the bottom of this illness, It's either got to be Lupus, MS, or lymes and I'm betting on lymes.

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