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Aug 31, 2006
Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody who has been diognosed with lymes disease has had double vison or at night if your vision get's alot worse. I'v had lymes symptoms for 3 years now and my visoin and dizziness is getting so bad that I can hardley read the newspaper or even drive a car. I was told by a doctor 3 years ago that she was 80% sure that I had MS and that I should get to a neuro and get all the test done. So after all kinds of test and consultation with about 15 other specialist they still haven't giving me a diognoses. I myself am sure that it's lymes but it just isn't showing up on lab test so I'm getting very frustrated. Is it possiable after having it for so long that it's harder to find? I ahve a constant eye spasm in my left eye, constant dizziness, feel like I'm going to fall over, if I get on a ladder or something thats higher than the ground i feel like i'm going to fall off. I have had severe sore neck,back,knees,fingers. I get these chills that are so bad I can't even describe them. It's like my body is trying to fight an infection but it can't .When I get these chills my wife has to go and put blankets in a dryer to heat them up so I can try to get warm again, but when i get warm then I sweat really bad but you can't take them off because then I freeze and almost go into convulsions it's really scary. Dose any of this sound like lymes or do I have undignosed MS. Oh did I mention severe short term memory loss. I posted in my other thread that my doctor did send my blood to Igenix and the test came back negative for lymes. They did the whole blood test. Well I didn't mean to boar everybody with my problems but I really need to get to the bottom of this before I go insane.

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