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I had my 2 month check up today at the clinic. We discussed the 60 days of treatment conditions the medical board has placed on them. We layed out a 2 month game plan with meds I still have stockpiled.

I am to go back on a every other day pulse of levaquin and minocycline for 2 wks adding flagyl the last 4 days. Then take a 2 wk holiday, detox, work on suppliments. Then 2 month treatment I go back on augument & minocycline 2 wks every other day and then skip 2 wks drug holiday.

I am to add DHEA 25mg 1 tab in the am. This is to help my hormone levels.

I am to go back on Neurotin, Q10, B100 and make a high in antioxidants shake from whey protein & blueberries. Add ENADA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and L-glutamine powder. These are to help with cell energy. I am to continue to detox and dry brush my skin.

I did get the test results from June when I was last there. They had run a Western Blot test. I showed 2 bands positive IgG 60 & 35.

I also got copies of 7/29/05 lab results. My Babesia Microti was pos IgG Index 2.29 (pos is >. Also I tested positive for the HHV6 Mine was IgG pos at 4.67 and the range set is anything over .99 is positive. also pos was chlamydia pneumoniae 7/10/2005

Findings from my spec scan indicate cognitive dysfunction with mildly diminished perfusion in the cortices of the cerebral hemispheres bilaterally. This is most pronounced in the parietal and temporal lobes, left more so than right.

I have tested low in testetrone. Christie to me to by dHEA 25 mg and take once a day. This is to help with all womens hormones. And this is an over the counter drug.

She did mention the 60 day treatment they are under. I didn't get any abx refills from her since I had some at home, figured I'd be ok. When I left my bill was about 112. (no blood work - I'm going to my family Dr and getting them to draw the blood so maybe the insurance won't find on paying it.


Prayers to all you lyme friends out there. Hope today is finding you better.

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