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In 1987 I had a lyme titer that was positive. Don't know the type test or number value.

On 7/2005 MDL Western blot Igg & Igm both negative

On 8/2005 Igenex. Igg Bands 41 & 58 Indeterminate which says that the band is present with intensity less than the weak 1+. (Band is present)
Igg is long standing infection. right?

On 8/2005 Igenex. IGM Bands 30, 31, 39, 41, & 58 were Indeterminate. (Band is present but less than weak 1+) Igm Recent Infection, right??

6/21/06 Bulleye Rash present for 4 wks. Dr documented and photo'd

6/26/06 MDL Western Blot test, Igm no bands. Igg band 60 & 35.
IGG is recent, right?

Now does this mean I have been exposed and re-exposed several times. Why would IGM keep showing up. How long does a recent infection last???

Little puzzled here, Any thoughts, guys....
I recently read an explanation of this that made sense to me. It is just speculation on the part of the person whose work I was reading, but he said this:

Since lyme can take on different forms, there are times when our bodies can't "see" the lyme. That is what the lyme intends when is changes from spirochete to L-form to cyst, it's trying to hide from the immune system and whatever attack it's under. Because of this, whenever the lyme is in the L-form or the cyst form, our bodies won't make antigens against it.

Since the Western Blot and Elisa are antigen tests, you can get a negative reading and still have lyme if your body is not identifying and fighting the lyme because it is in a form that the body doesn't recognize as an invasion.

Some Igenex tests are designed to find lyme DNA rather than our own body's antigens against lyme, for example, Igenex may show some positive or indeterminate depending on what kind of test you use. This would mean that you aren't re-infected or having lyme come and go, it means that the test (antigen versus actual lyme DNA) and/or the form of lyme that is in your body (spirochete/L/cyst) has changed.

This theory explains why some people get a rash when bitten and others don't. If the lyme isn't seen by the immune system, the rash won't appear because the rash is your body fighting lyme.

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