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Opinions needed..
Sep 10, 2006
I've been sick for the last 7 months and dr.'s are having a hard time figuering out what's causing my crazy symptoms. They now think I have lyme's disease. My bloodwork came back positive for lymes & I am still waiting for the results of the western blot. I wanted to post all my symptoms & was hoping someone with lymes could tell me if they have experienced the same. It started with extreme fatigue, and dull ache with a warm feeling in my lymph nodes under my arms, behind my knees & in the groin area, facial flushing, night sweats, heart palpitations I have a pain on the inside of my left arm that I originally thought was my lymph nodes but now it seems like it is a nerve... when I push on the nerve I get a pain down my arm and my whole arm goes numb. Just in the last 2 weeks I am having problems with my eyes, they are blood shot and they hurt. It seems to be worse in sunlight or bright rooms, it is affecting my vision. I am dizzy and I feel confused like my mind is cloudy. I am so sick of feeling like this, I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated.

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