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Hello all, I have had some weord symptoms since the end of May and early June, we were doing some landscaping work out at afreinds house who happens to live by a river, lots of mosquitos and other weird bugs out there...anyways, since that time I have had some medical problems, I have had some night sweats not every night, tingling in my eyelif, pain the the rib cage bones, back pain, itchy kind of skin, sometimes small rashed pop up, weird bowel movements, more frequency in urination...all of which happened since the landscaping job, I was bit several times by mosquitos but never really thought twice about it...well after researching maybe it is LYME...

I have had CT Scan, Brain MRI, Several bloodword tests due to 3 Emeergency room visits, I have seen to family doctors, ONe GP who did a Endoscopy as well as a colonoscopy, everything cam eback normal and without my back and joints are starting to fire up again, it just seems like this is not ending, like my body is fighting something...wwould these be symptoms or LYME-

RIB/Chest pains (EKG and X-Rays normal)
Overactive bladder
Muscle Pain
Back Pain (Spine X-Rays negative)
Itchy Skin(sometimes red patches but they disappear)
Easy irrated eyes from light
Dry itchy eyes
Trouble sleeping..

Does anyone know of a doctor in the area that I can see...I was scared to death I had cancer(lymphoma or leukimia) but the CT Scan put those possibilities to rest, brain MRI showed nothing I am stuck with dcotors telling me that I have anxiety and depression and that is what is causing my pain....Please help

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