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Hi Tinuviel

I did the shots for two months and stopped them because I looked worse than ever with very dark circles under my eyes and my skin didn't look good. Leg stiffness was better and fatigue seemed somewhat better. I actually cooked dinner afew nights.

Since I stopped the shots three weeks ago have slid back. Very, very stiff legs and that old electrical buzzing (painful) in my legs is back, as well as neckaches that I haven't had in months. My skin looks better though. How crazy is it when you can't even tell you're better until you get worse, then you know you were better. LOL. Life with lyme!

My theory now is the shots were working and my skin and under eye circles were toxins that I was not getting out. Re-started shots yesterday and going in the sauna every night. I did one of those ionic foot baths today and what came out was gross.

The shots come prefilled and I'll have to get the dosage. I do them 3x week, and I am also taking tindamax 2wks on 2 wks off, and ketek 800mg day. I'm taking lots of supplements and doing vit b12 shots. I have stephen buhler's book and was looking online today for the herbs for his core protocol, japanese knotweed and andrographis. I already take cats claw.

How are you doing tinuviel?

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