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Urine odor.
Sep 12, 2006
Thanks guys. the responses about yest were very helpful! I have another question.

Does anyone's urine smell like coffee after drinking coffee? or does anyone have a weird odor after taking NAC?

My urine smells pretty bad after I drink coffee or take NAC. The odor is normal otherwise. I read that it could be becuase of kidney infection/disease.
Re: Urine odor.
Sep 12, 2006
:wave: [COLOR="Purple"][B][I][/I]Hi Cooty...if it is cloudy you might want to watch yourself...get some cranberry juice or cranberry pills from the health food store...wouldn't hurt for you to take them anyway to avoid any bladder infections...I do think it is normal though for anyone to drink coffee and have that's or even vitamin B'sssssssss....can cause that...I mean that is what the urine is...waste and junk that is being discharged out of us....
If you have blood or it hurts to tinkle then your most likely okay...but really get some cran/apple or just cranberry juice...good to keep your system filtered out.....

:D [/B][/COLOR]
Re: Urine odor.
Sep 12, 2006
I think it is normal for it to smell like coffee after coffee, because coffee has such a strong odor. Just like it is normal for your urine to smell bad after you eat asparagus.
Re: Urine odor.
Sep 14, 2006
actaully the smell that was caused by NAC is gone. It smelled really really bad when i started taking it but now it's completely gone. Coffee still smells though.

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