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I have been sick for a few years now. Gradually getting more symptoms. Here they are:

shortness of breath
joint pain~back, neck, neck stiffness, knee, shoulders, fingers
near fainting
heart racing
chest pain
panic attacks
sudden confusion
low energy
forgetting to breathe
bad leg pain~ sometimes making it very difficult to walk
mysterious redness on arms that comes and goes
& a few more

Does this sound like Lyme Disease?

What were your symptoms? Thanks.

PS. I have been suffering with symptoms over the past 3 years and have gradually getting more symptoms. The doctors have no idea what's wrong. I've been tested for Lyme Disease through bloodtests and they never find anything. But I know that it's not always found through bloodtests. I went to physical therapy for the back/neck pain a few months ago, but for none of the other joint pains because they didn't exist yet. The therapy didn't help.

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