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I first came here last June when I had the bulls-eye rash and was looking for help -- I think I remember seeing your posts from then - ? I just came back here because apparently my lyme is back as well. I won't go into detail right now about my situation, but I just wanted to answer this part of your question:


I see my Nuero on the 25th, Should I mention the previous Lyme a couple of years ago, can they test for that, or has it been far too long for that to still effect me.

Not that I ever past a blood test anyway
any advice?[/QUOTE]

Yes -- get the tests done again! My doc just ran the tests again, and my IgG came back negative, but the IgM came back positive, which apparently indicates not exposure, but current infection. My tests last June were all negative. Now my docs are acting like this is some NEW infection -- I guess to cover their a** -- as opposed to a reactivation of the original infection (which could be due to their refusal to treat me adequately then -- 4 weeks of doxy 100 mg/2 day was the most I could get at the time).

Take care.

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