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[COLOR="Purple"][B][I]Say Eclipse you asked if doxy is doxy? If it is all the same...yes dear...doxy is just you get it at the vet...or the pharmacy....and the internet....It just all comes in different strengths is know ...your one 100 mg 2 times a day...some are on 300 mg 2 twice a day....does that make sense?

Okay question of the day:) have you had your blood sent to Igenex lab?? Remember us talking about it on has a higher success rate for detecting lyme....I think I read on here that they have a web might want to read about it...and save your money or get a credit card....and get your blood checked by can be shipped to them...something to think about...I know more stuff to think about:rolleyes:

And yes you are right...your not for sure if you have you said ticks carry alot of things....and no matter what it is you NEED to get rid of it...and if the doxy is working...well I know that I would keep taking it and I would raise the dose...I am assuming you live in a small there is one doctor? and one infectious disease doctor? have you tried spending some time on the phone calling around to different doctors and see if anyone would treat you on your symptoms....sure Mom would Love to see you get well ....:) And so would all of us!!!!

Big hug to you kiddo....have a GREAT day!!!!


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