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Yesterday I was tentatively diagnosed with Lyme Disease-I could use advice as to whether this sounds like Lyme-if the treatment seems on target, and most importantly-what can I expect over the next few weeks or longer.

I was fishing in the Catskill mountains in New York about a month ago-so lots of woods, and yes, I laid down in the grass a few times. I never saw a tick in the grass or on me. I was only there from Friday to Sunday-on Sunday as I was driving back to Ohio, I noticed what I thought were two spider bites on my torso. By Monday it started to get nasty-but I had also acquired poison ivy and I'm pretty sure I had poison ivy over the bites. 5 days later-I had a large flat red rash-about the size of a cantalope stretching across my stomach. It never had a bull-eye appearance, itched a little but didn't hurt. I went to an urgent care and the doc thought I either had an allergic reaction to a bite or an infection and treated me with cortisone and 10 days of diococlyn (spellings probably not right-but I think it is what you folks refer to as doxy?)-and I felt better. Then about a week after I stopped the antibiotics I started feeling weak, very tired, and just crummy. Was waking up at night with aches and numbness. I knew I didn't feel well, but blamed it on stress. On Weds. I developed a terrible pain in one of my knees and this is what took me to my family doc thinking I might have a blood clot or something. He put it all togehter and said he thinks I have Lyme. Said I needed at least 21 days of doxy and started me on it. He did some blood tests-all I heard back is that some values were high and some low and he wants me to repeat them in a week. I'll see him in a couple of weeks again.

My questions: does this sound like Lyme? I never saw a tick, never had bulls-eye rash-it seemed to come on very quickly-probably 2 days from when I was in the woods-- Second question-should 21 days of doxy do it? Many of you seem to be on it for longer.

3rd. question-what can I expect? I'm still feeling exhausted-knee pain is a little better (he also but me on mega doses of advil for the pain)-can this get worse before it gets better?

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated--Suezy

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