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Re: Lyme rash?
Oct 18, 2006
:wave: [COLOR="Purple"][B][I]did he raise the strength of the doxy??? A dermatologist will say it is something else and like ecezma and give you a cream....I have rashes on my face...went through the same thing...if my system is feeling real good they fade away...but when I have these weird things I go through they flare back up and takes awhile for them to fade away again....sooooo I just put face makeup on them...kind of look like I have a splotchie sunburn....:)

I know we have tried to get you to do this before...try doing a research on Igenex Lab in Palo Alto....if you have been checking out alot of post...there are people that are going mis-diagnoised and when they send their blood to this lab they can get a positive...Igenex has better technigues for testing....All you need to do is TELLLLLL YOUR DOCTOR that is who you want your blood sent too....mine always came out negative...but I knew and know I have these nasty buggers in me...cause I like YOU knew when I got bit....

Hope you are enjoying this fall weather!

:D [/I][/B][/COLOR]

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