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Thanks so much for the generous replies!

Shanna: it sounds like you are having the exact same problems... does the excess saliva come and go for you? or is it every night? for me it happens for several nights in a row every couple months maybe; usually when I'm feeling particularly under-the-weather. Also, like I said the dry-throat symptom appeared very quickly after I simultaneously started taking Doxy, Flagyl, & Ceftin. So I always thought it might have been a drug reaction... but now I'm thinking the antibiotics simply triggered though it's actually a symptom of the Lyme infection. How did these symptoms begin for you? Have you taken Doxycycline, Flagyl (Metronidazole), & Ceftin (Cefuroxime)? Oh, and by the way: I see you're in Madison... do you have a doctor in the area?

[QUOTE=Pearlscale]You mentioned you are no longer in treatment. Do you feel you are well.[/QUOTE]

It's strange... the only symptom that significantly changed when I started those 3 antibiotics was my muscle twitching almost completely went away. Most other symptoms have stayed about the same. I think I am an unusual case because I think I have been infected for years, but I happened to be taking Doxycycline on and off for various other problems before finally discovering the Lyme & treating that. Anyway, overall I feel okay... for the time being I can lead a fairly normal life.

[QUOTE=Pearlscale]Don't know what your major is, but we could use alot more LLMD's.[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately, I'm a computer-science major. Trust me, I have considered changing to pre-med for just that reason...

[QUOTE=Romans12:12]i have never heard of biotene, what is it??[/QUOTE]

It's a mouthwash meant to help alleviate dry-mouth. I guess it helps maintain "good" bacteria in your mouth? So who knows if that would help for us. Anyway I've seen it at Walgreens I am going to try Biotene again and I will let you guys know how that works. Also, I've been using "Oasis" mouth-spray sometimes. This product is also at Walgreens... it's kind of expensive and the results aren't great. But it definitely comes in handy if you are going somewhere that you don't want to carry water with you & there's no public water available; it's just a tiny spray bottle you could keep in your pocket, and each spray will give some sustained relief (better than a sip of water would).

also if you find out any info abouty that being permenant please let us know, i'm sure alot of us will want to knw about it and bring it up to uro llmd's.[/QUOTE]

I definitely will let everyone know... who knows if I will ever find out, though!

Thanks again & take care, everyone.


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