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Thank you so very much Ticker for the added info.
I have been sick since April 2002 when I rolled over in bed and the whole room "went with me" (extreme vertigo) and then my eyes started "acting up" somewhat. Before that I had sinus infections on and off every six months for about two to three years. I was still able to work for a few months. Then I began with severe stomach problems which ended up with me having my gallbladder removed in 2003 - by then I had quit work. I was having severe head pressure, vision problems and major balance problems. Then in 2004 I began with tingling in my right thigh and feet and burning sensations all over and now I twitch almost everywhere and the head pressure continues to be severe as well as the balance issues and the vision is terrible - floaters, flashes of light, vision dimming, pain behind my eyes. The balance gets so bad at times I feel as if I cannot stand up - like I am just going to "topple" over - and lying down in bed is ridiculous - spinning and dropping feeling.
I am afraid to begin the treatment of Zithromax (pill form) and Mepron (liquid form) because I don't even know if I have Lymes Disease or not?? The doctor gave me these medications to treat me for babasia - which I don't know if I have either. They did not do that particular test, but the doctor said that I should begin the treatment anyway - like I said before, VERY CONFUSED.
I have had numerous MRIs done along with an MRA and an EMG and nerve conduction test and visual evoked response and lots of blood work.
I am seeing an infectious disease doctor who does extensive work with Lymes patients. I have only seen him twice so far and our insurance does not cover any of the cost - so again, I am nIf I have been "sick" since 2002 wouldn't the Lymes show up as positive by now??? Do my symptoms sound like Lymes Disease? I do appreciate your help and advice. Any further info would be GREATLY appreciated. Please overlook all my typos!!!
ot sure what to do???

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