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Got sick Sept 15 but not sure if it was the first time - Had illness with fever and headache diagnosed as Sinus in July but it never progressed to upper respiratory symptoms as usual - suspect that may have been onset. September 15th noticed very tender (stingy) lymph gland in groin, next day EXTREMELY tired, complete loss of appetite - No energy at all - general ill feeling - fullness under ribs - felt like I could not take a full breath. 2 days later chills and fever - shivering under covers. Next day to doctor - Sent me for labs and started me on cipro - thought it was a kidney infection. NEXT DAY - Fever 102 - cipro no effect - WENT TO HOSPITAL - they used all their toys on me (cat scans, xrays, sonograms, gallbladder function....Put me on an IV antibiotic but then by Day 3 in hospital fever broke and they sent me home with diagnosis of unknown viral infection as normal blood work showed no bacterial infection. When I went to walk out of hospital room right leg would not work right - felt disconnected - numb - mentioned it to nurse...was completely ignored. Rest on weekend. Went back to work and all lymph glands in neck were sore...FEVER RETURNED. Right elbow so sore could hardly use arm - could not lift anything. BACK TO Doctor--- I INSISTED I be tested for West Nile as this is what I thought I had. Doctor was reluctant but ordered tests and sent me to a internist. Internist had some sense and started me on DOXY prior to test results (they take 3 days) just in case. Test came back showing LYME high but DOCTOR WOULD STILL NOT DIAGNOSE. Sent me to another specialist - a Infectious Disease specialist. She ordered Western Blot (FINALLY) NOW a week later I have a Mid-Line and I am doing my own ROCEPHEN at home.

QUESTION: I have only had the Rocephen infusions 3 times... Right after the first two, just about an hour after, I get a bit dizzy in the head - Only lasts a minute and then passes, but it is startling when it happens. ANYBODY ELSE HAVE THIS HAPPEN?

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