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Thanks All!

Cupping is where they have round shaped cups about the size of a baseball, they light the inside to take away the H2o and then put them on your back. They then kind of suck on your skin. It is suppose to make your blood flow better. They often leave a round red mark for over a week.

Well it definetely did something!

Unfortunately for me I cant contact my LLMD, but today when I read his letter to the IDSA I understand why and realise it is more important, so I can wait given the circumstances.

I am in the 4th week of new abx, but unless I started Herxing 2 days after changing meds and then the Herx keeps growing then I think maybe the meds are not working the best for me.

Too many theories and I am worried how easy it is too call everything a Herx.

Kayda - thanks for the info, Pain is not a major symptom for me, thankfully. I have mainly Neuro problems - Twitching, myoclonics, ear/eye problems, jaw/throat problems and some seizure type activity!

A little better today, thankfully its the weekend so I can rest!


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