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[COLOR="Purple"][B][I]Hi Eva...I know it is hard not to be dissapointed...BUT...I had a positive like back in 1988 somewhere around there...then they retested and got a negative...I knew nothing about lyme at the went with it...THEN in 1992 got bit again and those threw me down big time...still for over 10 years NO in 2000 finally found a doctor that went on my symptoms...I was just about around 2005 after one of my picc lines was pulled I showed a slight positive off of a silly hospital lab...I knew I had lyme...

Also my sweeties 2 neices they both had lyme for years until would have a positive on a western blot the other didn't..through another Lab the one that showed the positive showed a negative and the one that showed the negative on the western showed a positive...crazy!

Just can't go by test...

good luck![/I][/B][/COLOR]

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