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I posted here awhile ago and thought my symptoms would go away. Well.....they haven't. I thought it was allergies for awhile becuase I've been having horrible sinus problems. Thought it was candida related because I have symptoms that are realted. I'm just really confused at this point. I"ve been reading some great posts on here lately and thought I needed to respond. This has been going on since April. I have pressue in my head, ears and sinuses. My eyes burned and were itchy during the spring and early summer months. My neck and shoulders and achy. When I move my neck back and forth it sounds like "snap, crackle, and pop". I find that most of my joints tend to crack a little. More than before. They aren't stiff or swollen, just crack sometimes. I have muscle and joint pain. None of the pains are ever consant. I also have muscle twitches on and off. I have eye floaters that don't want to go away. It varies throughout the day or doesn't happen every day. I don't have too much fatigure and don't run fevers. Sometimes I feel better inside and sometimes outside. I always had sinus problems and just wandered if Lyme could make them worse. I've always had IBS / acid reflux realted symptoms, but they have gotten worse since April. I guess my question is, can Lyme make my preexisting problems worse. I think I have many Lyme symptoms and think I may have because my dog tested positive 2 years ago. I got tested twice, once in May and once in June. Both were doen by my GP. I belive they did the Lyme Titer or however it's spelled. Both were negative. I also got tested for allergies and I'm allergic to molds, dust, dust mites. I understand allergies can be severe, but I didn't think this severe. I've read about Igenex in Cali. and have ordered a test kit.

I'm wondering if Lyme symptoms can come and go throughout the day or weeks. Some day's I feel ok and some day's I feel awful. I'm also wondering if Lyme can make allergies get out of whack. That seems to be the case for me. I just want to start feeling better on a consistant basis. I'm sure you can relate.


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