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First off I am sorry and hope your healed from your sickness. Lyme Disease is often a very hard disease to diagnose because if you don't get the "common bulls eye" then it often goes undetected.

From where I live, I've heard several stories in the media where Lyme disease sufferers didn't get diagnosed until a long period of time have passed (months even years) and doctors have misdiagnosed them with everything from the flu to depression.

If you think you have lyme disease, there is a blood test you can take. The problem is it's not always accurate, and you can have false positives and false negatives. It's considered one of the factors used to diagnose lyme disease, and is especially helpful when the common bulls eye was not seen.

It's important to know not everyone with lyme disease will have a bulls eye, some have little or no symptoms. Some people with lyme disease even without treatment do not get symptoms. Other's have serious complications.

I myself have been bitten by a couple ticks. I took the blood test. It came back slighty positive. Then I took another one that came back negative.

I was sick for a month with respiratory infection symptoms but everything at the doctors indicated I had no infection. I sometimes wonder if if it was lyme disease. But I can respectfully say I have no symptoms to date.

If I were you I'd discuss your concerns with your doctor about lyme disease and possibly get the blood test.

I hope you get well and you will be in my thoughts.

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