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I found this searching around the Internet. It is very interesting and wondered if anybody has heard of her or her technique for Lyme testing.

Dr. Joanne Whitaker has invented an apparently 100% reliable test for Lyme disease. Her lab actually tests for the presence of the Borrelia boriensis (the causative organism) itself, not just antibodies to Bb. Her methods also detect the cell wall deficient (CWD) form. Her test is called Q-RIBb for quantitative rapid identification of Bb. The test uses an animal derived antibody to Borrelia boriensis modified to carry a fluorescent molecule. The antibodies attach to both the spirochete form and the CWD form and, under the right color, will light up under a microscope. With this test, Dr. Whitaker not only can detect Lyme directly, but it can be done in only 20 minutes and she can tell you the severity of the infection is by the number of organisms present.
Dr. Whitaker’s lab also checks for two co-infections associated with tick bites. Babesia is a protozoon, like the malaria organism, and infects red blood cells. Erlichia is a bacteria, fortunately treatable through conventional antibiotics, including the type that treats Bb. It appears that babesia can be eliminated with artemisinin (100 mg three times daily). ( Artemisinin was developed as an anti-malarial.)

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