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Nov 13, 2006
Hi Everyone:wave:
Just a little back ground back in 1999 I became very sick. I went to the Doctor's with flu like symptoms, vertigo and a massive headache. I was told it was just a viral infection with perhaps an inner ear infection and was given antibiotics and told to go home and get rest.. I spent three weeks in bed feeling worse with each day, I returned to my doctor's and had some blood test done and tested positive for Lyme Disease. I never had a rash but recall being in an area where I could have be bitten by a tick..
I was given Doxy and told to return in one month.. Which I did and to make a long story short was treated for 1 1/2 years on and off with oral antibiotics.. In that year I was basically bed ridden weak and had real bad vertigo balance issues among other problems~symptoms.. As time and years went on some of the symptoms lessened some but the vertigo always stayed.. I asked my doctor if there was a relation between the vertigo and the Lyme and she looked at me as if I was crazy and said no.. I don't know whether or not to believe this.. I have seen so many Doctor's over the years and still never a true answer. My balance testing was limited knowing this now after reading some test that others go through for balance disorders.
I guess my main question here is COULD Lyme really be the cause for vertigo problems even years after the fact? My vertigo NOW is not so much room spinning but more of a motion type vertigo. My vertigo symptoms range from a floating sensation, to a intense falling sensation falling backwards, forwards and to the side, sinking to the floor or ground feeling, being on a boat swaying feeling, the "dropping in an elevator feeling", after walking I still feel the motion as if I am still moving.. I think this is classified as vertigo? But again could the Lyme have caused this? I am wondering if I am going to have to live with this the rest of my life! (I am 34) This has caused my some great anxiety and my life has become so limited. The ONLY relief I get is if I am laying down!! Does this sound familiar to ANYONE? And if so is there an effective treatment for this? I can't understand how I could have this for SO MANY YEARS with no change.. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance..:)

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