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Tick question
Nov 14, 2006
i have a odd question. i was at one time a avid deer hunter. 4-5years ago in mid november i come home from a hunt itching like crazy, after stripping down i discovered what looked to be a hundred tiny pinpoint size ticks, i dowsed down in green alcohol which made them release rather quickly, the next day i wore white trash bags over my shoes up to my knees just to discover there one area of about 10 feet they would cover the bags FAST. i went to the dr. the following day and got a painful shot of antibiotics in the rump.i never got a rash or any symptoms except a fear of ticks.a year later i run into those suckers again in the same fashon but in a different part of the county i live in, my partner was following me through the brush right on my heels and got zero!! i had the all over my arms,must be my scent?? both occasions in late november "colder months"i have found nothing out on ticks in the colder months or in groups, the hunters call them seed ticks, i guess in the larvae stage possibly the deer tick?? any one run into ticks like this?

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