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Good Evening All,

I have a quick question about taking acidophoulis, coQ10,milk thistle & cats claw. How much should I be taking of each? Should I take what is recommended on the bottle or should I take more? I am currently doing IV Rocephin & Zithromax. The other question I have is does it matter when I take it since I am doing antibiotics intravenously? I have read where some people are taking 6 acidophoulis pills a day and I am on taking one. ????

I have also been getting really sick to my stomach right after I start dripping the Zithromax. I was wondering if it becasue I do it to close to when I eat dinner. Has anyone else had this problem and if so was there any solutions? I have also slowed down the drip but that does not seem to help.Can i take an acid reflux medicine and if so should take it as far away form the IV treatment as possible?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you all are having a great holiday!


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