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Test Results ???'s
Dec 5, 2006
Hi all, hope things find you more improved since I was posting out here during the summer...Can some-one please answer or provide their opinion about my test results?...After rwading quit a bit about IGG and IGM's its still a gray area to me.

I was diagnosed in June, all the classic symptoms and received the standard treatment bout 25 days after removing the tick. I convinced my doc to give me an additional 2 wks of doxy bringing the treatment to 6 wks of 200mg a day..(I know, I know, likely not enough, but it was a struggle to even get that!) Anyway, I've been feeling dizzy, positional vertigo, twitching,etc..lately so I got re-tested..Below are my results and some questions..I appreciate your input..

Screen: 3.68
igg 23 reactive igm 23 reactive
igg 41 reactive igm 41 reactive

8/26 (after 6wks doxy)
Screen: 2.92
igg and igm 23 and 41 still showing reactive
HGE & Babesiosis negative


Screen: 1.97
IgG 23,39 & 41 Reactive * Note 39 is new?
IGm 23 Reactive * Note 41 dropped off?

My question(s) is this...Do you spend your life "ill" until your IGG bands are reduced to 0 reactive?..In which case, can I assume, I'm getting "worse" with the addition of band 41?..At the same time, is it a good thing that my IGM now only has one band rather than two? It seems that is looked upon as 'acute" lyme and IGG is most test positive IGG for life?

Also, can I assume, that since I had 2 IGG bands on my initial test after 3 weeks of tick removal that I had already had chronic lyme?..Can IGG bands become re-active only after 3 wks?..My thought/concern is, I probably already had Lyme and this past June's bite could have been a re-infection that finally put my immune system over the top..Hell, I grew up a few towns from Old Lyme so its pretty likely...Anyhow, I'm ordering a kit from Ingenex tomorrow for a "final test"..there's No doubt I have lyme but I don't trust the two co-infection results...I know this is a winded but I appreciate your opinions..

Take care!!

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