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I just started treatment this week. My doctor has initially put me on Zithromax and I go on Monday to have a PICC line put in to start on Rocephin. My blood work came back negative (tested by a lab other than IGenex), however, my brain spect scan showed changes which "corroborate a diagnosis of Lyme". The doctor could find nothing else causing all of my symptoms (which are all Lyme symptoms) so he started me on treatment. I started the Zithromax on Monday. Yesterday, I felt a bit better. I was not as fatigued and had a bit more energy. Today, though, I have extreme brain fog and achiness. The joints in my hands and hips are really bothering me. I am sitting at my desk at work not even able to focus on the work I am doing. The doctor told me about the herxheimer effects (and the many people I know, including my mom, have had this). What exactly do you feel when you have this and can it happen with just Zithromax? This is all new to me. I feel as though I most likely have Lyme as I live in an area with a high Lyme rate, my mom has it, my dad had it (before he passed away this summer), about 8-10 of their neighbors have it (that we know of), we have helped my mom in her yard during my father's illness, we had a huge number of ticks at our home in the spring, etc. However, I still worry about going through getting a PICC line, etc. when my blood work came back negative. I am sure most of it is just being nervous about having that done. I just want to feel better.

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