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I have done alot of reading on the Herx reaction on this site and still have a few questions. I was started on agressive antibiotics on Nov 1. They were at the time-biaxin, plaquenil, probenecid, and amox. I had my first herx reaction within 5 days. It consisted of a very sore throat, headache and feeling as though I had been hit by a truck.
Two weeks later I was switched from the biaxin to ketek and the others stayed the same. Within 3 hours the whole herx reaction came back and hasn't gone away. I have had a sore throat which is real bad some days and minor others. I also have bad muscle soreness in only my arms. Somedays it is hard to get dressed and lift them up. I am extremely tired. It is more than the tiredness I have been experiencing. So, to my question. Has anyone had this type of reaction everyday. I don't see my doctor until next week. The last time I saw him he said it was possible I could have it for months. I thought I felt bad before but now... I would appreciate any input on this. Thanks and Happy 2007 to everyone.


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