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Wanted to welcome you to the board.

Everyone: Just think I figured out why I have been in the downhill spiral. I ran out of augmentin in early December. What I switched to is not in the augmentin family. I went back in my journal and found my best improvement was when I had to go on augmentin for a cat bite infection. I had been on it for several months. I ran out of augmentin and switched to one that I had been on previously.

I have some ammoxicillin from right before I went on the augmentin. I know it is a little different (doesn't have the ?acid) so it is out of your system quicker. I had been on it three times a day before the augmentin. So I just started back on it.

My LLMD is on conditions set by the medical board so I know he cannot give me a rx for augm.

My nausea has been unreal today. I thought it was viral (my daughter and granddaoughter next door have had stomach virus) But now I think from my journal notes and Jillys note that it is tied into the swelling in my head. I will keep on the fluid tabs twice a day. Was so sick this am that I skipped my meds and then noticed my finger so swollen I had to take my rings off?????

It is all coming together in my lyme brain. Sometimes we have to work threw it ourselves like Jilly said.

Don't give it out....think lyme brain.....we'll win this war yet!!!!! (with the Lords help)

Prayers and didn't mean to write a book. Marsha

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