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Try going here for a LLMD referral:


You won't find a LLMD in the phone book under Lyme or anything; it's an informal term, not endorsed by the medical societies. A LLMD can be of many different specialties. I've seen them as a sport doctor, mine is a Rhematologist and Internal medicine guy. The previous one I saw (before he moved on me) was a Gastroentinologist (he got Lymes, as did several people on his staff, which motivated him to learn more about it).

I HIGHLY recommend you spend the money and pay for the Igenex testing yourself; they're alot better and more consistent than most labs. I don't think they take insurance, but the quality of the results can be alot higher, and they come highly recommended in the LLMD world. If you won't use Igenex, make SURE you get the actual results with all the "banding information"; shows which bands were positive; the CDC wants 5 bands, and many ignorant docs will insist that if you don't have 5 bands you don't have Lymes, which is a load of crapola. That way if you have the actual test results you can later show your LLMD the results and maybe save alot of time and hassle.

You don't want to delay with this disease; it's a nasty one once it gets into you.

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