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Hi Everyone
I live in Sarasota FL and am originally from Indiana. I have seen 6 doctors in Florida and I've recently been to Mayo in Jacksonville. Mayo said I have a viral infection and it will take time to recover. I have one band on the western blot that came back positive, band 41 KD (IGG) A reactive - the test name is Lyme Ab IgG/IgM, Western Blot. My CRP levels are three times elevated. I'm just so tired and achey. Mayo suggested I see an acupuncturist to jump start my immune system. The acupuncturist then suggested I see more of an internal holistic/homeopathic Dr. I am currently taking supplements etc. I'm not sure about this. I've never been into holistic medicine.

My question is, can one band mean a lyme diagnosis? Everything I've read says you need 4 or 5 positive bands.
Thanks so much.
to be usable, the results of western blot tests should be reported by showing which bands are reactive. the 41 bands are those that react with the flagella or the motile organs of the spirochete. these are usually the first to react to infection but can crossreact with other spirochetal organisms such as those that cause syphilis. the 18, 37, 39, 83, 93, 23-25 and 31 are the most specific for lyme infection. bands other than the 41 typically appear later in the infection and many, sometimes all, may not appear at all. for a positive lyme test, the 41k band and at least one of the others have to appear at testing.

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