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I had those shooting,stabbing pains too. Mostly in my upper thighs and buttocks.They sometimes took my breath away.I also could see my muscles twisting and contracting.It reminded me of the movie "tremors".Ialso had swollen glands which my primary (former) said was cause by a pimple near them.I went from Dr. to Dr. chasing symptoms because I was told that I didn't have Lyme.There are over 200 strains of lyme,and they test for 1.
I was then told that I had fibromyalgia by a rhuemotologist and given a prescription for an antideppressant to "raise my serotonin level so I don't feel the pain so much.I never beleived that one.
Then I had a nerve pulsating under my lower eyelid.I insisted my dr. give me Doxycycline,because I had been taking some leftover that I had found and was feeling better(The meds I should have finished when I had a bite,and dr. told me 3 days later it wasn't Lyme-big mistake).He gave me 3 weeks worth and said'That's it,no more long term antibiotics are BAD for you". After 5 weeks the pulsating nerve stopped. My primary said it was psychosomatic(Yeah,like I'm doing this on purpose!!)
The lowest point was when I had an MRI and was told that I had a brain tumor-"Inoperable" Thank GOD they couldn't get to it or I would have undergone brain surgery for a biopsy. Six months later they said it wasn't a brain tumor.Perhaps a lyme lesion? Beware of neurologist.They may take an MRI and declare you to have MS because the scarring lyme leaves looks the same as MS. I was lucky enough to meet a man whose wife was being treated for MS 3 years before finding that it was lyme.The Lyme was exacerbated by the steroids given for'ms and she ended up in a wheelchair.
I finally got to a LLMD after a 5 month wait,have been on antibiotics for 18 months,and am almost completly healed.Just have some twitching still.
Be careful that your not just treating symptoms,there's a good chance that your tonsils will get better with proper antibiotics,they're obviously fighting an infection.I lost 2 years chasing symptoms while the Lyme got into my nervous system,I hope you find help sooner.

Good Luck

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