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Oh Marsha! I feel so bad that you're back to crappy. Just a few months ago you were fishing!

It stinks to go through a good period and believe that you are recovering, only to have the bad parts return.

I think of you often and I will keep you and your doctor in my prayers.

Please try to remember that you can do it! It may take another few months to get there - but you can do this!

We're with you, commiserating about this set back with complete understanding. No fair!

More pills, maybe more Herx's, more doctor visits. We'll be there with you.

Take it easy on yourself. Mentally too. This is not your fault; it's no one's fault. Be gentle to Marsha.

You've been through this before and you may feel discouraged to have to go through yet another round of drugs. I am so sorry that this happened.

I think it was sleeper who once said that it's better to know what you're dealing with. It may seem like a dark, lonley and scary time, but you have knowledge and you have us.

Let us know what happens with the GP. Ketek, Doxy, Mepron and Flagyl are good ammo for killing bacteria. You can do it!

Peace and health to you!

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