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I've had lyme for 19 yrs. About 4 yrs ago, a neuro found lesions on my brain thru a MRI. That and other tests made he want to say I either has MS, migrains or had had several sm strokes. For a couple years he kept leaning toward MS. Sent me to another neuro who specialized in MS and that Dr said he was pretty sure it was MS.

Since then I have had DVT's. Deep Vein Thrombosis. Bloot clots in the shoulder when I had my picc line. (outside of the line.) My problem is lyme, babeiosis, and bartonella. I do have thick blood from the lyme and the lesions in my brain are from lyme and babesia. I have some horrible headaches. So I do understand what you are going thru. Don't give up, you can win this battle. And it is a battle. I have had my ups and downs, but I am a fighter and I fight to win.

I recommend seeing a good lyme literate physician. I don't know if you are in treatment or have been. How long you have had lyme. Have you been tested for the co-infections. They definitely complicate treatment.

We're here if we can help.
Prayers...:angel: ...Marsha

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