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[QUOTE=woo97;2795812]hey, a question for all of you. I saw a LLMD recommended by this board in PA. He put me on 200 mg Doxy a day. I did read Burrascano's guideline and wonder if I was on enough Doxy. But he is supposed to know what he is doing, so do I question it? And I have had C.Diff 2 x before, and I am currently off treatment for the last 5 days while they test for C.Diff as I was having a lot of intestinal pain and diarrhea with the doxy. I also had the respiratory symptoms - felt like when I had pnemonia. When I start treatment again, should I ask about dosage, and maybe something other than doxy?[/QUOTE]

I also got C-diff while taking Doxy the first time. Lost 20 lbs in one month. I was freaking out needless to say. The only way I got rid of it was to be on Flagyl (also for the cyst form of Lymes), tons of probiotics (acidophilus pills), NO sugar, and lots of time.

This round, I've kept off the sugar (mostly), and take lots of the acidophilus pills, no C-Diff this time thank God.

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