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[QUOTE=ktp812;2811218]I went to see my new GP today. I brought all the information from my Lyme doctor and he went through everything. He said my symptoms presented like Lyme and did agree that whatever I had was infectious but had some questions about the Lyme diagnosis. He said that most Lyme patients have joint redness and swelling. I only had joint pain. He also said that he didn't think the extreme fatigue I am still experiencing could be caused by the Lyme. I have been on antibiotics for 3 months and have definate improvement. I also have adrenal exhaustion so that is the cause of some of the fatigue. He also seemed to believe that symptoms don't just disappear or come and go. So of couse now I am doubting the diagnosis.
I had 3 positives on the WB and a CD-57 of 21. I am seeing a very knowledgeable LLMD and I know I shouldn't question him. So I guess my question is must you have swollen and red joints to have Lyme and do symptoms come and go. I have had so many symptoms in the past two years it is hard to think back. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks.
Hi Kpt12
Sorry you are feeling bad
In the beginning I only had really bad fatigue and pain in my legs and joints then as the lyme progressed I had really bad swelling in my left knee thought it was from an old injury put a knee brace on it and my ankle swelled way up cd-57 60 normal is I believe 60 to 285 with 3 months oral abx went up to 92 21 is not normal My symptons used to come and go but have stayed with me since dec when my brain went in the fritz Some days better than others but really improving with IV therapy Mind is sharp once again Some trouble but not as extreme as before brain gets foggy only when I push myself too much rest helps this I also never show inflamation in my test even though my joints swell and muscles tighten especially in my foot and leg so if you are improving on meds stick with it Are you taking supplements to help boost your immune system
Wishing you better health and keep trying it takes a long time

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