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Advice Please
Feb 23, 2007

Maybe you kind folks can give me some advice. Im a 25 yo male with a lot of "vague" health problems which have been present for more than a year and have become constant in the past couple months.

I've done some reading on lyme disease and it sort of seems to fall into line with what I have been experiencing.

My symptoms are:

feeling intoxicated
unsteady, dizzy feeling
frequently running into objects
unbalanced, lightheaded

upper body muscle twitching, mostly in shoulder muscles

concentration problems
do weird things, completely opposite of intended goal. i.e opening dish washer instead of cupboard for food.
running red lights
can't understand what people are saying, can't follow conversations or instructions, difficult to follow along in school.
I feel like i am in a fog or not even present sometimes.

very poor short term memory
2-5 minute memory the worst

sometimes things that normally seem familiar are completely foreign
things that were once easy are now difficult and require more time.

vision problems that seem to be related to the dizziness.
frequent prescription changes
photo sensitivity
seeing latent images longer than normal in bright light.

extreme fatigue, not helped by sleep.

heart palps. racing heart, pvc's

I have had an MRI and EEG and both came back normal. I also had a lot of blood work done recently to try to figure this out, but the only things that came back were i apparently had a previous epstein-barr infection and i tested positive for herpes type 2.

[B]This is very interesting, because i just read on that big internet encyclopedia (sorry, they wont let me divulge a web address on here) under Lyme Disease that there can be false positives for Epstein-Barr [I]and [/I]Herpes Type 2 with Lyme. [/B] (at least thats how i understood the article)

I have never had any kind of herpes outbreaks anywhere, I have always been "safe" and have been with the same partner for 6 years, who also has never had any symptoms of herpes. Might be a coincidence, but it seems to follow the false positive statistics that the article refers to.

The doctor's attitudes at this point is that its all in my head, and that I need to just deal with this stuff. They are completely unwilling to help and almost make me feel like an idiot when I make suggestions.

Do you think that I have sufficient reason to look into being tested for Lyme. I understand that there is some controversy the testing procedures and accuracy. What questions should I be asking?


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