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Re: LLMD new NY/CT
Feb 23, 2007
Hi mfromc. Somehow I missed your previous reply regarding your Western Blot. I copied and pasted it below so I can respond:

[COLOR="Green"]Re: igenex question

hi Ticker,
thanks for your reply. here are the results. I posted a new thread...not realizing I could just do this! Sorry.


**23-25 IND
**31 IND
**34 neg
**39 neg
**41 IND
58 +++
**83-93 neg

**23-25 negative
**31 IND
**34 IND
**39 IND
**41 ++
58 +
**83-93 negative

Igenex calls this a negative result on my test for both IGM and IGG.
It seems like everyone could have lyme by these tests. So, I am a bit confused.

The CDC requries several bands to be present for the Western Blot to be considered positive; however, many people who have Lyme disease do not have this many bands. Lyme doctors often look at which bands are present--some are specific for Lyme.

I know I posted this information before, but I wanted it to be on the same post as your results. Below is the breakdown of the Western Blot bands:

9 cross-reactive for Borrellia
12 specific for Bb
18 unknown
20 cross-reactive for Borrellia
21 unknown
22 specific for Bb, probably really the 23/25 band
23-25 outer surface protein C (OspC), specific for Bb
28 unknown
30 unknown; probably an outer surface protein; common in European and
one California strain
31 outer surface protein A (OspA), specific for Bb
34 outer surface protein B (OspB); specific for Bb
35 specific for Bb
37 specific for Bb
38 cross-reactive for Bb
39 is a major protein of Bb flagellin; specific for Bb
41 flagellin protein of all spirochetes; this is usually the first to appear after a Bb infection and is specific for all Borrellia
45 cross-reactive for all Borellia (sometimes people with Lyme who have
this band positive also have the co-infection Ehrlichiosis)
50 cross-reactive for all Borrellia
55 cross-reactive for all Borrellia
57 cross-reactive for all Borrellia
58 unknown but may be a heat-shock Bb protein
60 cross reactive for all Borrellia
66 cross-reactive for all Borrelia, common in all bacteria
83 specific antigen for the Lyme bacterium, probably a cytoplasmic membrane
93 unknown, probably the same protein in band 83, just migrates differently in some patients

The IgM tests for a more recent infection, the IgG a longer-standing one. Band 41 is often the first to show and yours are positive. Bands 23-25, 31, 34, and 39 are Lyme specific bands and yours are IND. IND means not positive but not negative. In my non-medical opinion, if it is not negative then it is positive. I think your results are signficant.

There are two Lyme doctors in NY who come highly recommended: Dr. Kenneth Liegner in Armonk and Dr. Richard Horowitz in Hyde Park. In CT, Dr. Steven Phillips in Wilton comes highly recommended. I hope you can see one soon.

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