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Re: Complications
Apr 2, 2007
Dr Update

Well I saw a different infectious disease dr today. He slammed my current lyme dr. Called him a few choice names. I kept my mouth shut. Wanted to hear what he said about me. I honestly think I knew more than him and he knew it.

#1. He said that Western Blot (Igenex) results of ind were a negative. I said they don't say a negative. They list the other bands as a - but some of the bands they listed as ind. He says ind is not positive. Well if its not negative and the igenex lab results simply states that indeterminate is a band that is too weak to be a + 1 or above. Well dud?

#2. He wanted to say that in 1987 they had no lyme test and I was diagnosed clinically. Just so happens I ran into the Dr that made that diagnois this week. He remembered me from then. He remembered when I got it, where I got it and that he had sent the test to Virginia and that it was positive. It was not a co-incidence that I ran into him just prior to my visit. After 15 or more years of not seeing him. He moved out of the practice I go to and on to bigger and better. But yet I saw him last week.

#3. Babesia is not a NC thing. It may have crossed a few borders since 1987but I don't think it was here then. It is a co-infection seen up North. And yet he stated that most people have some babesia in their bloodstream and it just doesn't cause them trouble. Dud again???

#4. He says that the bullseye rash I had back in June 2006 was a recent exposure. He saw the picture. He knew how to read a picture. I'm not sure he knew how to read the western blot bands. He wanted to know where the rest of the report was. He said he wanted to see what they said about equivacal. I was IGM negative and IGG 35 and 60 positive. He said that IGG was for recent exposure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it long standing infection. He saw the picture and assumed recent exposure. I do know there is some cross over and much debate over the IGM and IGG and how they read.

#5. He said that he had only seen 3 cases that were contracted in NC. He ask me where I had been prior to the bullseye picture. I told him I had not left the state. Now I personally know 3 other people that have tested positive for lyme and 2 of them are sure they didn't get it from some other state. The other does most of his deer hunting in my area and has pulled many deer ticks off himself.

#6. I ask him if 10 days of rocephin was enough to kill dissiminated lyme and he said yes. And he also thinks 200mg of doxy is enough.

#7. He did alot of blood tests. Looking for I'm not sure what since I'm not sure he knows what to look for. He did say he was going to do a babesia stain (I think thats what he called it) More than the test results that I showed him. He thinks mine were not accurate.

#8. I did question him about lyme causing demylinating disease and he was baffled. He wanted to get the Dr reports from Neuro Dr. (the one I am not going back to unless the 2nd opinion neuro I see in June tells me he was correct.) Remember hes the one that told me the radiologist didn't know how to read the MRI and made a mistake in saying that I had 9+ lesions and was positive under the MacDonald Criteria for MS. Hes the same one that couldn't find my lab results that he himself had ordered and the nurse had called me about the week before.

#9. He did say my lab results showed they did a lupus test and my immune problem is not lupus. I'll wait until I see the Rhumatologist and let you know more.

#10. My red blood count (all 3 different test done) were high. He looked at those and said well, I see you smoked. Well, I told him I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. Wonder if he know babesia affects the red blood cells??

Ok lymies. What you think. I will wait for the results but I will go back to the one he called a quack that seems to know far more than he did. What you think of this one. I'll give him a week to get the results and then I'll get copies when I go to the Rhumy in 2 wks. Then back to the NC quack. The one that is the most caring lyme literate Dr I know of. But has lost his 20 yr house and possibly more. Because he chooses to treat us with respect and compassion and even more, he listens and learns and has to fight the system for US.

Good sleeping to all. Now Mickie I'm going to go take enough to knock out a rhino. Smyle I am really wondering if my 4 separate shakes, tremors, relapses are related to babesia. And JoJo where are you?? Tronni give us a Dr report.


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