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Well Borrelia is the name of the spirochete that causes Lymes...

You might consider some fish oil in capsules. Max dose is approx 6000mg a day, but start off low. Try to get the capsules that are supposed to not give you fish tasting burps. I take them with a decent sized meal and have no problems. They help with inflammation.

Vitamin-D3 (NOT D2) is also useful for folk with Lymes, as well as Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases...a safe dose would be 1000-2000 IU. I take 2000 IU because my levels were pretty low. It takes several months to get your levels back up where they should be. You might have a test run for both varieties of D levels.

I still get sporatic itchiness all over my body. My LLMD thinks it's the Lymes getting into the blood vessels that run parallel to and feed the nerves. The vessel gets inflammed and causes pressure on the nerves. I find it comes and goes irregularly. Sometimes it's in my hands/toes, sometimes legs, sometimes scalp. I don't suffer dry skin or anything that might cause such tingles as far as I know.

Igenex is a lab in Calif that specializes in Lymes testing and has different criteria for a "positive results" than the usual labs, who use the CDC-protocol for determining a positve. The CDC says NOT to use their criteria for testing purposes but ignorant labs and docs do anyways (denying many people treatment and causing suffering, IMHO).

I have cramping in my gut; it seems that the Lymes can really mess up your gastrointestinal system. I was having what my Gastro doc said was "lyme-induced hypermotility", wherein the intestines got all crampy and moved the food through faster than it should. I got light colored stool, lost weight, felt awful, with sporatic cramping.

I still get some of that, mainly in the liver area, and despite liver/pancreas/gallbladder testing and ultrasound, they can't find anything wrong. My drinking coffee probably isn't helping things either.

These supplements were prescribed for me by my Lyme doc, but consult with yours before starting them up.

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